Furneaux Distillery x Van Dieman Brewing x Saint John Craft Beer Bar

Furneaux Distillery x Van Dieman Brewing x Saint John Craft Beer Bar

Barrel Aged Beer Release & Tasting

Join us for this very special one time only Tasmanian Whisky Week collaborative event.

Date: Tuesday 9th August
Time: From 4pm
Location: Saint John Craft Beer Bar – 133 St John St, Launceston
Entry: Free

After meeting on Flinders Island at a cricket match between the Cressy Polecats and the Flinders Island Sharks, Furneaux distiller Tom Ambroz and Van Dieman brewer Will Tatchell shared a bond over all things beer and whisky.

Tom had an empty barrel (an American Oak ex Bourbon ex peated whisky to be exact) from a previously beloved batch of whisky – Smoky Wedding. He saw the opportunity to give the barrel another life – a home in Evandale at Van Diemen Brewing. Around this time last year Will picked up that barrel that had been shipped across Bass Strait and filled it with some Belgian Dubbel. Since then it has been ageing in the cask shed at Van Diemen, and is now ready to face the taps. Using this brew Will has prepared a couple of one-time-only blends to pour with our friends at Saint John Craft Beer Bar in Launceston in celebration of Tasmanian Whisky Week.

Brewers, distillers and drinkers alike can converge on the temple of beer in Launceston and share in the joys of oak, smoke and malt. Tom Ambroz from Furneaux Distillery will be there with the full range of Furneaux whiskies available to taste (including a couple of unavailable/unreleased products), this will be the one and only chance to try these peaty brews, so make sure you get there!