Epic Northern Distillers Tour!

This unforgettable tour takes you to three highly regarded northern distilleries in a single day and includes Transwood cooperage and StillSmiths, not open to the public, this a rare opportunity to visit a still making facility.

Relax and enjoy as your host, Adam Pinkard from Adam’s Distillery takes you through the beautiful Tasmanian landscapes. You will get a sense of the passion firsthand when you meet the whisky makers who will take you through the distillation process.

You couldn’t find a better host for a tour than Adam Pinkard from Adam’s Distillery!

Adam is one half of Adam’s distillery and their whisky adventure began in 2016. Alongside producing world class whisky, they also distil award winning gins. Adam knows all the insider knowledge on the Tasmanian distilling industry and will be able to answer every question you’ve wanted to ask on distilling.

You will be treated to Tasmania’s finest single malts, as well as stopping in at the historic Clarendon Arms in Evandale to enjoy a seasonal lunch of Tasmanian produce. Built in 1867 this beautiful pub has stained glass windows in the bottom dining area and charm radiating from every armchair.


11.00am Pickup in Launceston

11.15am Adam’s Distillery Tour

12.00pm Transwood Cooperage tour

1.00pm Lunch at Clarendon Arms

2.15pm Launceston Distillery

3.30pm Stillsmiths

3.50pm Western Tiers for canapes

5.00pm Arrive at Launceston

Adam’s Distillery – Located in Glen Ireh Estate, Perth

Adam will take you on a tour of the distillery and though their range of whiskies.

Launceston Distillery – Located at Hangar 17, Western Junctions. Launceston Distillery is the first traditional whisky producer in Launceston to gain a production licence since the Caledonian closed nearly 180 years ago.

Distiller Chris Condon will take you through their range of globally recognised whiskies.

Western Tiers Distillery – Located at Westbury and one of the newest distilleries, opening in 2021.

With its pristine, rugged beauty, the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania is a special place. Above this ancient mountain range is The Land of a Thousand Lakes, a majestic and primeval landscape, a World Heritage Area and the source of the pure, icy cold water that is their key ingredient. At Western Tiers you will taste their new make, a clear spirit that is maturing in barrels to be proclaimed whisky after two years!

Transwood Cooperage –learn about the art of coopering, with Dave & Laurie Schmeider the Coopers at Transwood Cooperage in Perth Tasmania. Learn about the art of handcrafting barrels, the charring process, the staves and why Transwood is one of the leading cooperages in Australia.

Stillsmiths – a rare and unique opportunity to talk to the makers who craft these beautiful copper stills, that are sent all over the world. Not open to the public. Their whisly still are built with passion to display the endless curves and shapes that allow the still to peform its task – distil the very best whisky.

Included is:

Visit three local distilleries
9+ spirit tastings, including tastings direct from the still and casks where available
Meet the distillers / industry-led tour guide
Travel in air-conditioned van
Lunch made from fresh seasonal produce at a historic venue
Bottle purchases available on the day