Partner Event – Cocktails & Blues

Step into SOCIETY for a special Tasmanian Whisky Week event. Collaborating with TURNER STILLHOUSE, multi-award winning Tamar Valley distillery and local musicians ‘Sam and the 78’s’ we will be serving Classic Cocktails and Classic Blues from 6pm.

American born founder, owner and distiller Justin Turner, along with Distiller Brett Coulson will open this FREE event – sharing their story and providing a brief introduction to the unique spirits they are creating in one of the purest micro climates in the world.

With international accolades for their Three Cuts Gin, the world is eagerly awaiting the release of their debut whiskey, due to be launched in 2023.
This event is designed to showcase Turners’ new make whiskey, made from three types of locally grown grain including: barley, rye and corn. Giving whisk(e)y lovers the rare opportunity to taste what is to come. We will also be featuring the delicious award-winning Three Cuts Gins.

Specialty cocktails and tasting platters available:
$20 NEW YORK SOUR – featuring new make Corn Whisky (100% corn)
$20 MANHATTAN – featuring new make Rye Whiskey (corn, rye, malt)
$20 OLD FASHIONED – featuring new make ‘Bourbon’ Whiskey (rye, corn, malt)
$20 SOUTHSIDE RICKEY – featuring Three Cuts Distiller’s Gin

$20 RASPBERRY & ROSE GIN SOUR – featuring Three Cuts Founder’s Gin
$20 GIBSON MARTINI – featuring Three Cuts Chardonnay barrel-rested Gin

$20 Turner Stillhouse Whiskey Tasting Platter
15ml Rye Whiskey New Make
15ml Corn Whiskey New Make
15ml Bourbon style New Make

$30 Turner Stillhouse // Three Cuts Gin Platter
Served with SOICETY house-made Tonic and matching garnishes
15ml Founder’s Release Gin with Rose
15ml Distiller’s Release Gin with Lime
15ml Chardonnay Barrel – Rested Gin with Rosemary
15ml Pinot Noir Barrel – Rested Gin with Dehydrated Orange

Sam and the 78’s
7:00pm – 45min set
8:00pm – 45min set

*New make spirit, refers to un-aged spirit which is destined to become whisk(e)y, but is not technically considered whisky as it has not spent the required amount of time in barrel. In Tasmania whisk(e)y must be aged a minimum of two years.