Comedy & Drams

Tas Whisky Week and Hobart Brewing Co present Comedy & Drams! Celebrating local Tassie talent in comedy and drams!

Mix, mingle & meet up at the friendly Hobart Brewing Company in Hobart. 

Like all good things, Hobart Brewing Co started as a conversation over a pint. The year was 2014. The pint drinkers were Brendan and Scott and the conversation was to create an independently owned beer that locals would love to drink. Beer concepts were drawn up, pilot batches brewed and their original beer, Harbour Master, was born. They pride themselves on contributing to brew. A core range you can trust to satisfy and limited releases that you can trust to intrigue.

A sensational pairing of 4 Tasmanian comedians and 4 Tasmanian Whiskies

McHenryKing Island DistilleryBelgrove and Spring Bay Distillery

Tas Whisky Week Comedy line up will featuring local comedians


Chloe began her stand-up career in Adelaide (at the famed Rhino Room) over 20  years ago. She was a Raw Comedy National Finalist in 2001 although she may have performed back then under another name. She has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is the writer and creator of the Web series TRANSFERRED has worked on various TV and film projects and recently won a development grant for her animated series “The Letter Club” with Turbo Chook which is currently in development with  Screen Tasmania and Screenworks. Coming out 7 years ago to friends and family has freed her up to not only find her true self but also has given her stand up a unique point of view and a voice with which to tell it.


Rob Braslin is a multi-talented performer, writer, and director who has made a name for himself in the vibrant nipaluna arts scene. A proud wakka wakka man with a passion for stand-up comedy, acting, and writing, Rob has been a regular fixture in the local comedy scene since 2013. 

Over the years, he has opened for some of Australia’s biggest comedy acts, including Hannah Gadbsy, Luke McGregor, Matt Okine and Steph Tisdell. In 2016, Rob was recognized for his comedic talent when he was awarded a runner-up spot at the Deadly Funny Aboriginal comedy competition during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Rob is committed to helping build and be amongst a thriving local comedy scene and has been producing sell-out shows in lutruwita for over eight years through his comedy production brand CULT Comedy. 


Tracey Cosgrove has been a fixture of the Hobart comedy scene since winning the Tasmania heat of Raw comedy in 2009. Since then she’s appeared at a wide range of events and festivals including taking her 2012  solo show, Half a Wake, to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

Blending light hearted humour with a nod to the darker side of life, Tracey is the kind of person that will bake you biscuits but you might not want to eat them.


Steve McNees is a man of few words, in fact, he was born unable to even say even one word. He’s grown up and developed the power to say words out of his human mouth and into the ears of many, sometimes even combining two words to make one new word that makes no sense at all. Mostly he does this with swear words whilst driving with kids in the car. Smurftits is his favourite. 

When he’s not solving crimes with his trusty sidekick Fonzy the toilet trained iguana he’s researching the dietary requirements of Canadians. But enough about that serious stuff, come see him at this gig in that suburb you know about and love on that date you’ve saved in your calendar. See you there!! Or here….. or wherever, just be there… or here. I’m so confused.


David Bakker is the producer and host of The Clubhouse, which regularly hosts comedy at the Hobart Brewing Co., bringing the best interstate acts to our beautiful state. Check out for more.

David is a close associate of Dion Dijon, who is the chairman of the Australian Mustard Federation. Dion is passionate about educating the general public on the great yellow condiment, and strives for greatness in the corporate world. However, we are deeply apologetic if Dion insists on making an appearance at any comedy night, as things can rapidly go off the rails…

For an awesome comedy & Whisky afternoon, “Comedy & Drams” is where you want to be.