East Coast Lunch with Palawa Kipli

Palawa Kipli lunch at Spring Bay Distillery, Spring Bay

What does Palawa Kipli mean? palawa means Tasmanian Aborigine, kipli means food in palawa kani the Tasmanian Aboriginal language.

Their aim is to contribute to cultural continuation and revival through community engagement with traditional food sources and cultural landscapes.

We are excited to be partnering with palawa kipli to bring to you this enriching and memorable experience.

Begin at Spring Bay Beach where Kitana from palawa kipli will take you on a bush cultural tucker journey as you make you way up to Spring Bay Distillery.

Round a fire and tree stump seats you will dine on the real taste of lutruwita with expressions from East Coast producers – Spring Bay  DistilleryWaubs Harbour Whisky and IronHouse.

Smoked payathanima (wallaby), payathanima (wallaby) salami, wurayni (wattleseed) brie cheese, tapu (pepperberry) cheese, tinputina (kunzea) butter, sourdough, beetroot and macadamia dip, tinputina (kunzea) olives, tinputina (kunzea) relish, seasonal fruit and bush tucker biscuits and crackers.

Oysters with lemon myrtle and tapu (pepperberry) infused oil, pepperberry, lemon and garlic abalone skewers, scallops with warrigal greens and native citrus flavours, salt bush chips wild harvested.