Story Slam!

A story with a beginning, middle and end, but not necessarily in that order…

An open mic night where 6 distillers will verbally battle it out to be the best story teller.

Hosting the evening is the silver tongued Ryk Goddard. Ryk wakes up with Hobart every morning as breakfast presenter for 936 ABC Hobart. He has also presented national programs, for 702 ABC Sydney, 774 ABC in Melbourne and for Classic FM. Prior to that Ryk worked in theatre and as a writer and producer of several online and radio comedy series including blogdaddy for Radio National and Sneaking off to my shed for DIY

This is a story telling competition in the same vein as Poetry Slam, where distillers will have a time limit to tell their personal distilling story, anything about their distillery and anything else that is related!

Drink the distiller’s expressions as they regale and entertain you with their stories at Boodle Beasley in North Hobart.

At the end of the 6 rounds, you, the audience will decide who is the Story Slam King

For your entertainment are:

Transportation WhiskeyBogan Road Distillery, McHenry Distillery, and returning reigning Story Slam King – Peter Bignell from Belgrove Distillery.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story…