Whisky 101 – (North)

Enjoying whisky starts with tasting it. Tasting is more than drinking: it’s evaluating and understanding in order to better appreciate the whisky.

Join distillers who will be taking you on a journey at Cinco Passiones, Launceston.

Developing your nose and palate is a practice that takes time and experience. Learn how a professional whisky educator and distiller approaches tasting and you’ll be setting yourself up for a range of flavour and discovery.

From how whisky is made and to how each step influences the final product and flavour. Learn how to taste and why you taste the things you do.

The distillers will offer sound advice to better inform your whisky tasting experience.

Your MC’s for the evening will be Julian White and Lachlan Watt from Melbourne’s famous Whisky & Alement.

Distillers guiding you through the evening are:

Sullivans Cove, Island Coast SpiritsWestern Tiers DistilleryWaubs Harbour WhiskyHellyer’s Road Distillery