Welcome to the 2021 TWW Spirit Showcase

Work your way through and enjoy, responsibly, the amazing Tasmanian whisky and spirits on offer today.

Please reach out to security or volunteers if there are any issues or you need assistance.


Exhibitor Links

  1. Whisky Auctions Tasmania
  2. New Town Distillery
  3. Hunnington Distillery
  4. Derwent Distillery
  5. McHenry Distillery
  6. Southarm Distillery
  7. Overeem Whisky
  8. Spirit Thief Distilling Co
  9. White Label Distillery
  10. Hellfire Bluff
  11. Belgrove
  12. Shene Distillery
  13. Sullivans Cove
  14. Callington Mill
  15. Charles Oates
  16. Furneaux Distillery
  17. Wellington Park Distillery
  18. Taylor and Smith Distilling Co
  19. Adams Distillery
  20. Lawrenny Estate Distillery
  21. Lark Distilling Co.
  22. New Norfolk Distillery
  23. Old Kempton Distillery
  24. Pattex
  25. Battery Point Distillery
  26. Gypsy Whisky Co
  27. Launceston Distillery
  28. Tasmanian Whisky Selectors
  29. Ironhouse Distillery
  30. Killara Distillery
  31. Hobart Whisky
  32. Spring Bay


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For emergencies, please notify security or staff immediately.