Not Just Single Malt Whisky

Tasmanian Whisky isn’t just all about 100% malted barley, double copper-pot distilled, sourced from a single distillery (a.k.a. Single Malt).

Gather in Gold Bar, to discuss the origins of Whisky (New Make / White Dog / Moonshine) and converse about mixed mash bills, grains and the process of triple distillation… and partake of a tipple or three.

Speak openly about Blends vs Blended Malts… whilst drinking a dram.

Question both producers and pundits themselves in the southern Tasmanian velveteen bar setting where everyone knowns your name.

6.30pm start.

Ticket includes:

  • 6 x 15mls. Tassie spirited beverages
  • Canapés

Gold Bar – Hobart’s own spirits speakeasy with a focus on Tasmanian based beverages, and traditional TWW Spirits Showcase afterparty venue.
Gibson’s Mill Arcade, 11 Morrison St, Hobart.

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