Adams Distillery – Peated Pinot Noir Cask

Peated Pinot Noir Cask – Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky

Peated Pinot Noir Cask Perfection

A Single Cask of Ex Goaty Hill Pinot Noir wine was selected as the home for Adams Distillery first experimental Peated Pinot Slosh Cask.

This Whisky was made using New Zealand Peated Barley, aged to perfection in our unique ’Slosh Cask’ technique and bottled at a Delectable 61.2% ABV straight from the cask.

The Spice’s and Pepper from the French Oak Cask and the Pinot Noir wine have to fight for Supremacy against the cunning charm of the soft subtle rich smoky peat. In this case they lost…. But never fear, they are all friends in this perfectly balanced dram. This whisky is for the daring…. Do you Dare?

A little dry on the front of the pallet, but a big bold body of rich red fruits and smoke more than make up for a slow start. A rich long finish that seems to go on and on as you enjoy the unique characteristics that only the best peated whisky’s have.

A drop or two of water and you will have the pleasure of enjoying this Whisky across multiple levels.


Adams Distillery Visitor Centre

Glen Ireh Estate,
5 Eskleigh Road, Perth, Tasmania.

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