Belgrove Oat Whisky Batch 4

Belgrove Distillery

Belgrove Oat Whisky Batch 4

59% Alc/Vol. 500ml


Honey on porridge, spicy oak, cloves and passionfruit. Sort of spry, grassy and peppery, and it gets very floral and refined as it opens up.


Like eating fresh grains, amazing cereal character. Macadamia, vanilla and more honey, red apples, toast and burnt banana bread. The classic Belgrove crackle underneath.


Big flourish of spice and burnt cereals.


“Off the hook good. If you want serious complexity in a whisky, you gotta try this. I’ll admit, it’s a whisky geeks whisky, and I’ve got a massive soft spot for this project (I actually prefer this to Peter’s rye – sacrilege, I know). It’s continued to get better batch to batch – fruitier, creamier – and the tropical top notes now emerging are something else. If you time travelled 200 years into the past and managed to track down some of the best whisky being made then, I reckon it might taste something like this. Special stuff.”


3121 Midland Highway,
Kempton 7030

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