Hellyers Road Distillery – Henry’s Legacy edition, Freestone Cove

Henry’s Legacy edition, Freestone Cove

The cavernous sea walls of Freestone Cove are rich in natural history, embedded eternally with lifeforms from another time.

The area’s beauty and natural majesty provide an appropriate segue for the single malt whisky which now carries its name. Like the beauteous terrain of Freestone Cove and its sandstone cliffs, this whisky is characterised by intriguing layers that emerge on the senses – each component delivering a new element, as if paralleling the deeds of exploration and thirst for discovery that epitomised the work of Henry Hellyer almost 200 years prior.

Original single malt that has been finished in ex-port casks. It is a beautiful and unique whisky bottled at an ABV of 59.6%.

CASK No: 15V03cO2
ALC/VOL: 62.7%
No. BOTTLES: 504

Tasting: The spirit is characterised by a rich chestnut tone that transcends to a scent of freshly crushed vanilla bean. Left to laze in the glass, the palate is at first enveloped with warm cinnamon laced teacake before stewed stone fruits ascend, lingering to a mouthfeel garnished with deft sprinklings of sea salt.