Hobart Whisky – Virtual Tasting Packs

Hobart Whisky Virtual Tasting Packs

Hobart Whisky have had an incredible response to the release of their tasting packs this year.

Giving their customers an opportunity to try samples straight from the casks as if they were visiting the distillery itself.

Released every 2 months, we hear they have exciting samples planned for 2021.

They currently have their November tasting pack available for purchase online, due to the special nature of this one in particular there are only a limited amount of packs available.

Hobart Whisky November Virtual Tasting Pack

After the amazing response from an Oloroso Sherry sample in their first ever virtual event Hobart Whisky have decided to come back to this and theme this virtual tasting around sherry casks.

Hobart Whisky found some sherry casks in the bond store including a 30L French Oak PX Cask, another 35L French Oak Oloroso Cask, and a 200L Madeira Cask that is currently finishing a marriage of Apera matured whisky.

1. 30L French Oak PX Sherry Cask 45ml @ ~60%

2. 35L French Oak Oloroso Sherry Cask 45ml @ ~60%

3. 225L Madeira Finishing Cask 45ml @ ~60%

That is only three samples, the fourth is going to be a bit of a project for them.

We’ve recently taken delivery of some amazing 38L Ex-Bourbon Casks from two different distilleries, Bluebird, and Union Horse. We are going to include a sample from a 100L American Oak Ex-Bourbon cask. We feel the cask has just stopped ‘working’ (for us). The plan is to decant this 100L cask into these smaller 38L casks, track their maturation over the next 6-12 months, then when we’re ready, pull samples and showcase them to discuss the differences each cask has had.

4. 100L American Oak Ex-Bourbon 45ml @ ~60%

Hobart Whisky are firm believers about making the casks work for them and it’s important to be able to recognise when they’re not working, and do something about it.

While Hobart Whisky aim for fun on their streams, it’s still nice to be able to chat about some technical aspects of their whisky and what their doing. John feels like this 100L decanting will prove to be a bit of fun, but gives a fantastic opportunity to go into some of the finer details of casks and what they’re doing.

Hobart Whisky is bottled when it is deemed to be ready, by selling these small samples you will have a glimpse at the Hobart Whisky bond store and process. 

Hobart Whisky want their virtual tastings to be a bit of light-hearted fun and discussion, and as such be prepared for an array of samples. If you want to try something that is a little unique, then this is the perfect opportunity.