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Summerleas Distillery

Summerleas Distillery is a proudly Tasmanian distillery based in a valley between the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington and Storm Bay in Southern Tasmania. Summerleas Gin is proudly and meticulously handcrafted by a 7th generation Tasmanian family.

King Island Distillery

Nearly 10 years in, Heidi Weitjens is a proud artisan distiller of Spirits in her Distillery, using the finest ingredients to handcraft award-winning products. The passion is strong and the discovery, ongoing.

Edge Of The World Distillery

Edge of the World Distillery is a family based boutique distillery. Perched on the west coast of Tasmania, Edge of the World Distillery is battered by the roaring forties winds which travel from Patagonia south America more than 16000km away untouched by land until they reach Edge of the World Distillery.

Taswegian Blue Gin – Southarm Craft Distillery

Taswegian Blue is a wonderful rendition of the popular style gin. The vivid blue petals of the Butterfly Pea are used widely in culinary pursuits and bring a new dimension to Southarm Craft Distillery signature dry gin.

Hellfire Bluff – Barrel Aged Gin

Hellfire Bluff second Limited Edition Barrel Aged Gin has been handcrafted with their gold-medal award-winning Piquant Gin that has been left to rest and mature in a French Oak Tasmanian Pinot Noir Barrique, freshly charred by a local Tasmanian cooperage.