Taswegian Blue Gin – Southarm Craft Distillery

Taswegian Gin – Southarm Craft Distillery

700ml | 41.3% ABV | 22.6 Std. Drinks

Southarm Craft Distillery Taswegian Blue is a wonderful rendition of the popular style gin. The vivid blue petals of the Butterfly Pea are used widely in culinary pursuits and bring a new dimension to their signature dry gin.

A wonderful flavoured gin with a slightly sweeter finish, great for the addition of tonic and use in your favourite cocktails. Like all Southarm Craft Distillery gins they are equally at home served neat over a large rock of ice.

Blue is spectacular with its colour change when tonic water is added, a pretty pink/purple with a little theatre.

The Butterfly Pea is a climbing/vine perennial plant often used in herbal teas but equally at home in a well crafted gin. The colour change effect is due to its sensitivity in change of Ph. so when a little acidic mixer is added like tonic or lemon juice the colour moves to a wonderful purple pink lustre.